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I'm Rukhsar Manzoor a Freelance Web Developer, Offering Tailored Websites and Custom Web Application Development.

Don't strive to be perfect. Strive for excellence. Committed to continuous learning and improvement.

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My work includes a range of design and development projects.

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I have more examples of front-end and back-end development. If you’re looking for more examples in a particular category, just ask.

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Skills and Tools


User interface design

I design user interfaces for websites and web applications. I strongly value clean and easyto use interfaces that are effective in meeting user needs and business goals.

Visual identity design

Although I primarily focus on UI design, I also occasionally do basic branding and identity work, such as logo design and business card design. I aim to create designs that are simple, distinctive and effective.


I use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for UI design and prototyping, a great combination of creating designs and vectors based graphics.
I also use Sketch for icons and other detailed UI elements.

What’s next?

Just keep learning and doing my best with each new design project.

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Front-end development

I architect and build user interfaces with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I specialize in modular and scalable front-end methodologies, such as OOCSS, SMACSS or BEM.

Back-end development

I develop custom CMS solutions and web applications with PHP and MySQL, specializing in WordPress for CMS development and Laravel for custom application development. I strive to create user-friendly and flexible CMSs, as well as reliable, performant and secure web applications.



I have extensive experience coding semantic HTML and modular CSS. I use modular front-end methodologies, such as OOCSS, SMACSS or BEM. These methodologies form the basis for an efficient, maintainable and scalable front-end architecture.

I use a combination of preprocessors and frameworks to help me streamline my workflow: SASS for CSS/CSS3, and Bootstrap as my responsive and UI components framework of choice.

I use JavaScript and the jQuery framework for small UI/UX enhancements (component behaviors, asynchronous requests…). I have recently polished my skills in VueJS and now using it as Front-end framework.


I have extensive experience with WordPress for CMS development and Laravel for web application development.

What I like about WordPress is its flexibility and extensibility as a content management framework (custom content types, custom taxonomies, plugin API…), and the creative freedom of its theme system. I’ve built fully customized and multilingual CMSs based on Laravel, coupled with some of the most versatile packages to enhance my projects.

I appreciate Laravel for its simplicity, performance, and documentation. I’ve been using it for web application development in conjunction with other standalone libraries (Composer) and components from other frameworks like Zend Framework and Symfony.

I have some experience with other technologies related to web application development:

Web services
Third-party REST APIs (payment gateways, social networks, email delivery…) and authentication protocols (OAuth).


After trying and using different IDEs, I’ve settled on PhpStorm for front-end and back-end development. It has all the features required for modern web development, testing and debugging, plus it is constantly updated. I HeidiSQL as my MySQL client. For quick edits, I tend to use Sublime Text and Visual Studio Code.

I use Git for version control with SourceTree.

What’s next?

Just keep learning and doing my best with each new design project.

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Writing and Connecting


On rare occasions I blog. When I do, I write on anything that interests or inspires me.


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